Reducing alienation university al-Azhar


Al-Azhar University announced that according to petitions submitted by many female students and their parents at Al-Azhar University


Request for approval of transfer or transfer of registration outside their residential area in order to change the residence due to circumstances


And also for the sake of Al-Azhar University for the future of these students and students


It was decided to open the transfer between colleges outside the region for students who have a high school certificate in Al-Azhar in 2020


And also female candidates in the academic year 2021/2020


This will be from Sunday 25/10 to Thursday 5/11 according to the following conditions: .

Reducing alienation between colleges


1. The transfer of female students between corresponding colleges or people outside the geographical area without minimum compliance and provided that proof of relocation is attached to a reduction in alienation.


2- The transfer of enrolment to female students between colleges and asymmetric people outside their geographical area due to the change of residence provided that they meet the minimum of the college or the corresponding people within their geographical area first and then the corresponding college or division to be transferred to it in another geographical area (taking into account the eligible conditions of colleges or people with qualified conditions) with the effect of the change of place of residence to reduce the place of residence to reduce alienation.


3- It is forbidden to transfer or transfer the enrolment to the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, engineering, dentistry or science unless the student meets the minimum prescribed for the college to be transferred to it.


4- It is forbidden to transfer or transfer the registration to colleges, institutes or people that have acceptance tests.


5. The transfer is against the transfer fee or the transfer of the prescribed restriction.


6- The conversion between the kidneys is after the approval of the deans of the kidneys.


7- To finish the transfer procedures, the student must submit her papers first to the nominated college.


8- Transfers are not considered final until the General Administration of Education Affairs has been notified and approved by the rector.


9- No application will be accepted after the specified date under any circumstances and the date of payment of the transfer receipt will be accepted.

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