Loredina tops Google trend due to a video clip she dances on "MyBrothers"

There has been no dialogue on social media since yesterday except for the dancer Lordina,


Who branched out and expanded a video clip yesterday as she danced to the “My Brothers” festival,


Visitors to social media sites exchanged a video of the Brazilian dancer, who became the most famous in the Arab Republic of Egypt,


Dancing to the tones of the song in “Beauty Center”, where the video was filmed and broadcast on social media sites,


She has been promoted by the character of “Story”, with tributes from the large number of fans, as she has been on the “trend” since yesterday.



Loredina has doubled her fans on Instagram following the video, as her manager stressed that she has been working in the Arab Republic of Egypt for some time, that the video was spontaneous, and that she loves actress Samia Wonderful and Fifi Abdo.


Lorraine will soon reach 1,000,000 followers on Instagram, while yesterday she had 200,000 followers.


Lordina was also attacked by some visitors to the social media sites, as not all the responses of the actions, a compliment on her dance, but there are also those who attacked her, and stressed that her dance has nothing to do with oriental dance.


Lorediana is a Brazilian dancer living in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and is reviving the bountiful amount of celebrations and wedding celebrations in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and publishes many clips of the celebrations that she revives, and she is famous for dancing on popular songs, as well as songs of trend such as “I found the taba”, and in a few hours, fans are circulating data about the dancer “Trend” until now the spread of the video clip.


The word “Brazil” soon climbed to the trend list in the Arab Republic of Egypt on Twitter as a result of “Loredina”, where the pioneers of Twitter, Comics, and posted tweets about the daughter of Brazil dancer Lorediana, and enable her to dance, as the comments did not without sarcasm.


Following the spread of the video clip, which was filmed on one of the mobiles, the submerged dancer Lourdena swaying on the festival song “My Brothers”, i became the most behaved on the methods of social communication, and her most searched name, to be the Brazilian dancer overnight in the front side of the trend, to compete with Safinar and her colleagues in the coming period.



The video was filmed in one of the centers of improvement in the middle of a women’s session and his picture is one of the ones in the center, and after its release was circulated profusely, to make it a grocery considering teenagers and social media pioneers, which makes it possible to be required in upcoming artistic procedures such as presented by producer Ahmed Al-Sbaki, and also may increase her wage stake at a rate of high whether it is in the amusement park tonight or weddings.



“Day 7” publishes a limited number of data on the Brazilian dancer Lourdena, which is that she has been in the Arab Republic of Egypt for nearly four years and has worked throughout some of the night spots in Sharm el-Sheikh and the north coast.



Before coming to the Arab Republic of Egypt, she was one of the heroes of athletics in Brazil until the Egyptian capital Cairo came to professional belly dancing, and become a trainer for him, in addition to its prevalence significantly in nightclubs, especially since she was paid a small fee and has many admirers of those amusement salvias





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