Ways to whiten the joints of the hands

Ways to whiten the joints of the hands


Many women seek to find a solution to the problem of the tan of the joints of the hands, because the appearance of the hands affects the overall appearance of the woman significantly,


this tan may result in increased melanin pigment production in these areas due to several factors such as

Many expose your hands to the sunshine, without paying attention to using a proper sunscreen to protect them from the damage of this rays


The hands are affected by the many use of detergents containing chemicals, resulting in inflammation of the skin of the hands without compensating them with the nutrients necessary to freshen them again.


increased accumulation of dead skin on them as a result of the neglect of many women peeling hands and this effect appears more in the area of the joints of the hands


During pregnancy as a type of pregnancy cost


Because of some hormonal changes in women taking the pill.


as a result of the ageing of some women


The tan of the joints of the hands may also be caused by a range of skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, etc.


And since this problem is a lot of women, so I’m going to introduce you to a bunch of


Tips for whitening the joints of the hands

Constantly moisturizing your hands


Take care to clean your hands and wash them continuously to remove any impurities or soils that may accumulate on them


Use sunscreen to protect your hands from the sun before going out of the house, even during winter


Exfoliating hands periodically once a week,


You can do this by using a set of simple ingredients that may be found in each house, such as peeling hands using,


Baking soda with liquid milk




Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the same amount of liquid milk, stirring the ingredients together well,


Then the mixture is used in massaging the hands in circular movements focusing on the area of the joints of the hands well and the concentration of peeling out,


Then leave the ingredients on the hand until completely dry, then wash your hands and then moisturize them for the best results to whiten the joints of the hands.


Or use sugar with olive oil


One of us, her mother or one of her friends never advised her to use this effective natural peeler, which is the best natural peeler for all skin.


Which does not pose any danger to the sensitive skin like other types of peels, all you have to take advantage of this peeler is: –


Add two tablespoons of granulated or coarse sugar to a small half cup of extra virgin olive oil, stirring for a very small time. So that the sugar does not dissolve in olive oil,


Then use the mixture to massage the skin with it for a few minutes, and then wash the skin with lukewarm water.


One of the advantages of this peeler is that it does not need to moisturize the skin after using it so I advise you to try it hard


And we can’t ignore a male either.


Peeled sugar with lemon


But this peeler despite its speed and strong effect it may cause a lot of problems for some types of skin,


Especially for those with sensitive skin, it is not recommended to use this peeler at all;


Because this will cause inflammation of the skin, increase the tan of it instead of bleaching and peeling, and is peeled using lemon with sugar by: –


Cut a large lemon in two equal halves, dip each half in a quantity of coarse sugar, and pass it with sugar on the hands focusing on the joints of the hands,


Use it to massage the skin of the hands for three minutes, then wash the hands using lukewarm water and soap suitable for the type of skin of the hands.


And you can also use this peeler as an effective recipe to whiten teeth quickly by: – rub the teeth with half a lemon with sugar for two minutes and then wash the teeth with water well,


However, it is only preferable to use this prescription once or twice a month because it negatively affects the tooth enamel.


Eating healthy foods that contain natural antioxidants and vitamins important for the freshness of the skin.


Drink ing a lot of water to maintain body fluids, which helps to moisturize the skin of the hands naturally.


Stay away from anxiety and stress as much as possible as possible as it will harm both your skin and your health.


Natural catches to lighten the joints of the hands.

Soft catches to lighten the joints of the hand
Soft catches to lighten the joints of the hand

Yogurt mask with white vinegar




Three teaspoons of yogurt or yogurt.


Same amount of white vinegar.


A pot suitable for the size of the ingredients


The way of preparation and use


Mix the ingredients together in a suitable pot, then use the resulting massage hands gently with the emphasis on the joints of the hands for two minutes, then leave the mixture on the hands for a quarter to three hours until it dries completely,


And then wash your hands with soap and water,


And you can save the mixture in the refrigerator for a week and use it and you will get the same results and do not worry about the expiry of its validity,


because vinegar is as natural preservative salbutting you to keep the mixture for this time without spoiling it


Ground almond mask with milk




A glass of water.


A few grains about 100 grams of sweet almonds


2 tablespoons liquid milk


The way of preparation and use


Soak the sweet almonds in a glass of water for 24 hours, and after this time, extract the almonds from the water,


Use an electric mixer to grind the almondkernels with liquid milk until you get a creamy texture of sweet almonds with milk,


Then use the resulting mixture in hand massage with a focus on the joints of the hands for a few minutes, and after the completion of the hand massage, leave the catcher on the hands taking into account the distribution evenly until it dries completely,


Then rub it to get rid of it and then rinse the hand using cold water, then moisturize the skin using any light moisturizer on the skin.


Lemon mask with papaya to lighten the joints of the hands

Lemon mask with pea to whiten hands
Lemon mask with pea to whiten hands



Fruit of well-mashed papaya


2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


Mixing pot


The way of preparation and use


Mix mashed papaya with fresh lemon juice well and use the mixture to massage the joints of the hands with the rest of the skin of the hands for a few minutes.


Then leave the catcher on the skin of the hands for another 30 minutes before washing it with soap and water and then moisturize the hands after removing the catcher from it to reach a better result, with the repeated use of this catcher twice a week until your hands are free of any tan joints once and for all.


Mint recipe to get rid of the tan of the joints of the hands quickly


The use of this recipe works to whiten the hands while activating the blood circulation, which contributes to rid it of any tan sedation or joints of the hands




10 grams of green mint leaves


1 teaspoon lemon juice


An empty spray bottle.


The way of preparation and use


Wash the mint leaves well and then add a large cup of water to the fire until the two components boil together,


Then close the fire and leave the water to cool, and then extract all the mint leaves from the water and then add to the mint water the result of a small spoon of fresh lemon juice with stirring well,


Use the mixture to massage hands, or you can keep the mixture inside an empty spray bottle in the fridge, and use daily part of the mixture to massage hands for two minutes before going to sleep,


You will get rid of any tan sherins in the joints of your hands after a week of regular use of this prescription.

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