The foundations of oily skin care in the summer

the foundations of fatty skin care in the summer


summer of seasons during which humans need more care,


For the rest of the year, especially the fatty skin, which needs special attention during this semester.


So because of the many produced by fatty acids during this season, which may cause them a bigger problem such as the appearance of whiteheads and black heads,


These heads may increase and turn into a acne that causes distress to the owners of this skin


Especially in the summer the season of fun and evenings, which may require you to have a perfect skin for that a set of, foundations of care for fatty skin during the summer, in order to enjoy a fresh skin during this season.


The foundations of care for the human being in the summer

Every morning i drink a glass of water with a spoonful of honey


This cup will help you rid the skin of the toxins you may be in and it will protect your skin from the appearance of acne in it, with many other health benefits for the body in general.


Use a light lotion on the skin daily to wash your skin in the morning, with gently massage sapers,


Because studies have shown that violent fatty mass aging has caused increased fatty secretions in it, and does not lead to its elimination as some believe.


You should use cold water to wash the skin instead of using hot water, because hot water does not save you from oils on the skin as some think, but leads to increased human temperature, resulting in increased fatty secretions.


Pass a cube of ice on your skin until it closes the wide pores which protects you from the accumulation of dead cells and fatty secretions inside.


You can also make these cubes of rose water instead of plain water, which will help you increase the skin’s popularity and freshness, as well as close the wide pores.


A lot of women neglect to moisturize fatty skin, thinking, “Fatty skin doesn’t need to be hydrated, but that’s wrong opinion at all.”


Fatty skin is no different in its need for hydration from other types of skin, but there are a number of things you need to avoid while choosing your skin moisturizer,


If your skin is oily.


Free of oils and distance from the use of heavy moisturizers on the face, and replace it with some light moisturizers on the skin such as milk or toner, which are considered one of the best moisturizers for fatty skin.


Unfortunately, fatty skin increases its oil secretions when exposed to heat or sun, so it is preferable for the owners of the fatty skin to avoid going out during daylight as much as possible,


When they leave, you should not neglect to use a suitable and light sunscreen on the skin as well,


Because fatty skin does not prefer to use any care products or other products that are thick on them


While choosing each skin foundation cream you should choose the oil-free foundation cream as much as possible, and liquid foundation is the best use of foundation for fatty skin owners.


You can add a range of fruits and vegetables that reduce the lack of fatty secretions of the human, as some research has shown such as:


Tomatoes, strawberries and green tea.


Your skin also needs to drink at least 2 liters of water a day during the day, which will help you get rid of toxins first and moisturize them well.


Some types of skins need physical peeling daily by using a gentle peeler on the skin, and others do not need to peel only once a week,


But most types of skins are suited to exfoliation twice a week, so you should take care to exfoliate your skin twice two weeks, especially during the summer,


So that the oils and soils do not accumulate on the skin, and cause the formation of acne pills that are annoying to them,


And the best time to peel the skin is just before you go to sleep.


Change the pillow cover twice a week, which will help you keep your skin clean and also protect you from transmission to your skin.


Use soft towels to dry the skin instead of junk towels, which may hurt your skin.


Don’t press pimples or pills here are the reasons


Because it inadvertently causes infection from one place to another on your skin, and the pills continue to appear in your skin forever for a simple reason you may not notice.


Sometimes people with fatty skin avoid using natural recipes,


they think that these catches cause the skin to increase the shin and increase the percentage of its secretions in one way or another


Because it moisturizes the skin,


But this is a false belief.


The best fatty skin catches you can adopt during the summer.


Aloe vera gel is masked with ground ginger to remove acne with fatty skin.

Aloe vera gel mask to remove acne with oily skin
Aloe vera gel mask to remove acne with oily skin

This catcher prevents the appearance of young people’s fatty pills because of the antiseptic properties of the skin that work to cleanse them of any causes that cause the appearance of acne in the human.




2 tablespoons ground ginger


Brush for the distribution of the catcher


2 tablespoons aloe vera gel


And a pot to mix the ingredients of the catcher


The way of preparation and use


Mix the ginger powder with the aloe gel until you get a creamy mask,


After making sure that the components overlap well together, distribute the catcher to the skin using the distribution brush,


And leave it on the skin for a quarter to three hours until the catcher dries completely, then wash the skin gently with cold water.


Catch the ground cinnamon with yogurt to narrow the pores of the broad skin

cinnamon with yogurt to narrow the pores of the broad skin
cinnamon with yogurt to narrow the pores of the broad skin

This catcher narrows and sometimes closes the pores of the broad skin by:


Mix two teaspoons of cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of yogurt, and use the resulting mixture to massage the skin and especially the area “That Zone”


which is characterized by the concentration of wide pores, then leave it on your face for three hours until the ingredients dry on the skin,


Then wash your face with cold water.


Egg mask to tighten the skin in the summer

Egg mask for skin tightening in summer
Egg mask for skin tightening in summer



A tablespoon of oatmeal


1 teaspoon aloe vera gel


Number of eggs one egg


And a mixing pot.


The way of preparation and use


Add the cactus gel to the ground oats, then mix them well,


Then add the egg whites gradually with stirring, until they reach a homogeneous mixture of them together,


Then cover your skin with a light dish of the previous ingredients and leave the ingredients on them until completely dry, then rub them off the skin after making sure they dry well,


And then remove what’s left of the mix using lukewarm water.


Thermos mask for fatty human care

Thermos mask for skin care
Thermos mask for skin care



Three teaspoons of ground thermos


Same amount of sweet almond oil


A tablespoon of fresh lemon juice


Half a teaspoon of olive oil


And two tablespoons of yogurt or yogurt.


The way of preparation and use


After making sure to grind the thermos well add it in a pot suitable for the size of the ingredients,


Then add to it the sweet almond oil and olives with stirring,


Then add to them the rest of the ingredients and stir the ingredients together well until they reach a homogeneous mixture of them,


use the resulting mixture to cover the fatty skin and leave it on it for a period of three to half an hour


Until it dries completely, then rub for a better result and then wash it with cold water.


Mask to reduce fatty secretions of fatty skin




Four small salins of well-ground turmeric


Same amount of mud.


2 teaspoons rose water


Mixing bowl


The way of preparation and use


Add turmeric to the clay inside the mixing pot and mix them together with the help of rose water, so that you get a creamy texture, you can use it and distribute it to the skin easily,


And distribute the catcher to your skin and leave it to dry for only a quarter of an hour


Then wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water and soap, and you should moisturize the skin after you have finished washing the catcher about it using a light moisturizer on the skin.


Tomato mask to re-freshen it up.

Mask re-freshening oily skin
Mask re-freshening oily skin



One fruit of mashed tomatoes.


Mixing bowl


Big lemon juice.


The way of preparation and use


Inside the mixing bowl add the tomatoes and then the lemon, and stir them together for half a minute,


So you can make sure they get involved,


Then distribute the catcher to your skin, and leave it to dry completely then,


Remove it from the skin using a wet towel before washing it with good lukewarm water


“But before you use this catcher or any mask that contains citrus fruits like lemon. Make sure your skin doesn’t feel any more than using acid on it first.”

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