private lessons are complementary or alternative to the ministry of education and education

Private lessons are complementary or alternative to the Ministry of Education

Are private lessons complementary or alternative to the Ministry of Education

there is no doubt that private lessons occupy the attention of a large group of people and the ministry of education and education

It is a thorny topic in which people's opinions are divided between supporters and opponents

So let's take an overview of private lessons and their advantages and disadvantages and how to limit their spread

Season of private lessons

In these days and over the years the Arab countries were specifically Egypt

The season of private lessons begins.

Egyptian families begin to prepare for private lessons from foreign books, books, brochures, pens, bags, etc.

There is no doubt that the processing of all these supplies is a burden on the Egyptian family.

In addition to the prices of the same lessons whose numbers vary from province to province

What are private lessons?

Private lessons are every effort of the teacher to communicate information to the student outside the school for a fee

On the other hand, the student makes an effort to receive information and a lot of time outside the school day, which causes pressure on the student.

But did the idea of private lessons arise from a vacuum or is it the result of teachers' failure to explain. In the classroom?

To answer this question, let's find out why private lessons are born.

Why private lessons have emerged and penetrated Egyptian society

Here the views of the Egyptian street are divided

There are those who believe that private lessons have emerged as a result of several reasons, including

Increase the number of students per class

Where the student density in schools reaches 50 and 70 students per class

which makes the teacher distracted during the explanation because of the many questions that the students ask on the one hand

And the student's mind is distracted while the teacher explains their friends' questions

And their different views in the material and the loud voice because of the large number on the other hand

Some teachers failed to explain and were unable to communicate information

This is due to the poor evaluation tests that the student undergoes before entering the faculties of education

The weakness of the training provided by the Ministry of Education and its teachers and their incompatibility with modern technological progress

Difficulty of some curricula

Failure to apply interactive classroom education
The teacher becomes the only contact for information.

The student's lack of effort in obtaining information makes him forget it quickly
Some students are used to taking information from more than one source

Length of schooling in public schools resulting in student unconcentration

Some students used to private lessons from a young age.

Parents are busy in their work due to poor economic conditions which make them unable to follow children at different levels of education

Failure to teach young children how to rely on themselves

The low level of education of some parents makes them unable to follow their children in the educational stages

Not teaching kids the right way to think and organize time from a young age

Students' scores for high grades to enter their favorite colleges

Features of private lessons

Private lessons
Features of private lessons

the number in the groups in private lessons is small

allowing the student to understand and receive the information well

And discuss the teacher in different topics

school time or group is bigger than the school class

The teacher's diligence in more than one way to communicate the information to the student

unlike public schools and other schools where the teacher relies on the delivery of information in one way

Because of the lack of resources, lack of motivation, lack of time for the time of the shift.

having control over students reviewing their work and their first work

because of the small number of students in one group unlike the classrooms

Parents are not obliged to follow their children

And that's because the teacher in private lessons plays this role.

Poor economic conditions

He made parents have a lot of money.

make them able to enter private schools for better education and less student density

Therefore, parents resort to giving their children private lessons where the number is low and explain the best

Disadvantages of private lessons

The disadvantages of private lessons
The disadvantages of private lessons

Reducing the role of the school

Where some students rely more on lessons than on schools

give some teachers a chance to avoid explaining lessons in a good way

Where students have previous information about the lesson from private lessons at home and others

Therefore leads to the failure of the teacher during the explanation and not to use new methods to communicate the information to the student

Some students refused to go to school because they had the information they wanted about their curriculum.

high price of lessons causes a financial burden on the family and the guardian

Make more effort on the student's side

Private lessons take a long time out of school.

The student's inability to rely on himself for the information

This is because of the multiplicity of sources from which he can take the information without much effort.

Price gap for private lessons between cities and villages

Prices of private lessons
Prices of private lessons

It is worth mentioning in this article that the prices of private lessons vary completely between villages and cities.

Where the villages are the lowest price for private lessons compared to the cities

this is due to the economic conditions of the families in the villages

this is completely the opposite of what is done in cities where there are some cases where the teacher works with one share for quite a good amount

As for the villages where teachers are treated per month at low prices compared to the cities

One of the reasons for the high prices of private lessons in cities is the high income of citizens living in cities

How to legalize private lessons and limit their spread

the state is working to increase the number of classrooms and increase educational possibilities leading to a decrease in the density of students in the classrooms

increase school class time so that the teacher can explain in a better way

Simplifying courses for students

Review the system of examinations based on preservation and indoctrination only

increase the efficiency of training programs for teachers

encourage teachers in public schools to work better

Increasing student activities within the school and taking care of them which increases the strength of the relationship between the student and the school

Returning and encouraging school groups and selecting qualified teachers to work in them

Increasing teachers' income, which leads to them not being forced to work private lessons outside of school.

Change the system of tests from tests that measure the level of preservation of the student and his retrieval for the information a system that measures the understanding of the student and his application of information

Encourage students with a high score and honor them in front of their colleagues in order to make them an incentive for their friends

Despite all these proposed solutions and the efforts made by the state towards the phenomenon of private lessons

This phenomenon will continue to exist.

Because there are some students who have a low level of achievement.

That's why they're turning to private lessons.

Hence the answer to the question we asked at the beginning of the article

Private lessons are being accused when they act as an alternative to the work of the Ministry of Education and are praised when they complete the role of the Ministry of Education.

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