How do I get rid of facial pallor and yellowing

How do I get rid of facial pallor and yellowing


The appearance of the exterior and especially the appearance of the face plays a very important role in the first impression of people,


So most people care about their outward appearance, but fatigue, fatigue or lack of nutrients may cause the face to appear pale,


Which may give you the wrong impression of others,


Pallor may appear in different areas of the face, such as changing the color of the skin in general,


Sometimes it appears in the change of color of the lips, the tongue with the change of the color of the gums, when this pallor is caused by anemia.


In all these reasons, facial care has become a necessity for both women and men.


Causes of pallor and yellowing

The pallor of the face and its yellowness is a change of face color from the natural color,


In some cases this color is the natural color of the skin and not any change is considered pallor in the face


But when it is accompanied by this change to change the color of the lips and tongue and mucous snoths sometimes with a change of color inside the mouth


This pallor is a problem that must be addressed and addressed.


The causes of the pallor of the skin are: –


Infection with anemia


Anemia or anemia is the most widespread cause of facial pallor


It is a disease in which the body suffers from the lack of the number of red blood cells it needs, in order to do its part in delivering oxygen to the cells of the skin, this is known as “blood circulation”


There are two types of anemia:


Acute anemia:-


Which is usually produced as a result of the body’s loss of a large amount of blood either through bleeding, during surgery and other factors.


Chronic anemia


They are usually produced because of the body’s lack of a set of important elements that it needs such as iron,


Other vitamins, the most important of which is vitamin 12 B, or as a result of diseases such as thyroid dysfunction, or chronic kidney failure.


This type of anemia is sometimes produced because of certain cancers that affect the bone marrow,


Responsible for producing enough blood cells in the body.


Facial pallor may also result from some other chronic diseases such as:


Blood pressure, diabetes or in people with liver and kidney diseases.


Lack of the number of hours of sleep required for the rest of the body, because the body needs between six to eight hours of sleep daily,


The small number of these hours may affect the freshness of the skin, leading to the appearance of pallor.


Excessive thinking and anxiety are among the most important causes of a wide range of diseases, including facial pallor and yellowing.


As a result of the depletion of the nutrients contained in the body in many cases such as: –


Work hard or make a long physical effort without compensating the body with the necessary food.


And in women during pregnancy as a result of the nutrient swells by the fetus from the mother’s body, and therefore the lack of nutrients needed for food in her body


Not drinking enough water a day can cause a large percentage of yellowing of the human.


Stress may also affect your skin and freshness and the health of the body as a whole,


It can also lead to disorders of the body’s organs that lead to the body not benefiting from food, even if you eat healthy food well.


So you have to stay as stressed and stressed as possible.


The use of anonymous cosmetics may also damage your skin and severely harm it.


Lack of balance of diet, and therefore the lack of nutrients needed by the skin to freshen it.


Ways to get rid of yellowing and pallor.

Ways to get rid of yellowing and facial suppalone
Ways to get rid of yellowing and pallor

Stay away from stress and anxiety.


Expose the body with the face to a warm bath, which will help you relax and thus get rid of the abnormal color of the human and regular blood circulation again.


The use of sunscreen before going out of the sun, because the skin was exposed to uv radiation without protection for long periods may cause gradual pallor, and the appearance of crusts in it making it look bad and dry.


Resort to the doctor if anemia is the cause of pallor, until it is treated using the necessary vitamins and supplements


Interest in drinking at least two liters of water per day with increasing this amount by increasing the period of sun exposure.


Choose cosmetics carefully and away from the use of anonymous preparations.


Facial massage whenever the opportunity allows you, which helps to enhance the blood circulation of the face and its vital returns and brightness


You can also use some natural recipes that will help you return freshness to the human and make the face look less pale,


And more youthful than again if you already suffer from pallor such as: –


Recipe thermos water to get rid of facial pallor


which you can prepare by soaking a small amount of thermos in water for two hours,


Then heat it on the fire until it reaches boiling point, and use the resulting water after leaving it to cool in washing the skin in the morning and evening daily for a week,


This recipe will help you get rid of any yellowing or pallor that may affect your skin and its vital returns.


Turmeric mask to get rid of pallor in human

Turmeric mask to get rid of skin pallor
Turmeric mask to get rid of skin pallor

Turmeric works to rebalance the elements of the human being, which restores its natural color, besides fighting the free roots harmful to the human,


This is because it contains a large percentage of vitamin C which restores the skin pink color and saves it from yellowing and pallor


And also on the properties that stimulate the production of collagen in the human which restores its freshness again


You can use a turmeric mask by : – mix a spoonful of ground turmeric, with the same amount of lemon juice


And use the mixture to cover the skin and the places of pallor in it, and leave it on the skin for a quarter of an hour,


Then wash the face with lukewarm water and prefer to moisturize the skin after finishing removing this mask from it


Tomato Mask

Tomato mask to rejuvenate the skin
Tomato mask to rejuvenate the skin

Tomatoes treat changing the color of the skin as a result of containing lycopene compound,


Which contributes to reducing the pigmentation of the human, and thus the return of the pink color of the human and removing the pallor from it through the following:


Mix the juice of one fruit of tomatoes with the juice of one lemon,


And distribute the mask on the face and leave it for an hour to dry completely,


Then wash with cold water with the repeated use of this mask daily until you get rid of all the pallor of the human


Orange mask to restore the natural color of the skin

Orange mask to restore the natural color of the skin
Orange mask to restore the natural color of the skin

The orange mask helps to brighten the skin and its vitality by:


Use one orange juice with a tablespoon of white honey, mix the ingredients well and use the resulting mixture to cover the pallor of the human,


And left the mask on the skin for a period of three hours and then removed it after this time, using a wet towel,


You will notice the brightness of the skin immediately after the mask is removed.


Milk mask to treat pallor of the skin

Milk mask to get rid of pallor
Milk mask to get rid of pallor



A small cup of milk


2 tablespoons honey


The way of preparation and use


Add honey to milk and stir until the two ingredients are combined,


Then use the resulting mixture to massage the skin in circular motions for five minutes,


Or you can increase the duration, the more time the massage will last, the better the mask,


Then leave the milk after finishing the massage on the face for another quarter of an hour, and then wash the face with lukewarm water and then moisturize it to get rid of the pallor and yellowing in it


Strawberry mask to get rid of the yellowing of the skin

Skin yellowing mask
Skin yellowing mask



Three pieces of mashed strawberries.


2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice


2 teaspoons honey


The way of preparation and use


Mix the three ingredients together well into a suitable pot, so you get a creamy texture of both,


And apply the mask to the face for a quarter of an hour, until the skin absorbs all the nutrients you need from the mask


Remove the mixture from the skin using a wet towel before washing it with lukewarm water and soap.

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