Children's characters and ways to deal with them

Children’s characters and ways to deal with them


Children’s personalities and ways of dealing with them are an important thing that every mother and mother is looking for and needs to learn them.


There is no doubt that the whole family is trying to make her child the strongest, the smartest and the best ever.


But it’s worth noting that putting pressure on a child’s personality to change the wrong way of education


It’s the right thing to do.


So that it fits what we want and what life requires, not a radical change in personality.


That’s why the family has to learn the personal patterns of their children.
So you can control it and go for what’s right.


As Ralph Emerson said, the best achievement is to be the person you want in a world that’s trying to make you the one who wants to.


Scientific studies have shown that the behaviors that a person acquires from the environment around him represent about 60 percent of his personality


these behaviors are often acquired from parents so education scientists say that your child’s personality can be refined and modified however you want


So it’s always said that parents are the best role examples for children, where children always try to imitate their parents.


but it doesn’t change by a hundred percent as some genetic and biological factors affect the child’s personality composition


Factors influencing children’s character patterns


First, biological agents.


These are the factors that the child inherits from the parents such as the color of the eyes, the length, the shape of the body and the color of the skin.


And other factors that determine the physical appearance of the child


There is no doubt that biological or genetic factors affect the personality of the child in terms of physical fitness, physical appearance, self-confidence and others


secondly the social and cultural life of the child


The social class and the social culture of that class affect the characters of children where they gain some qualities that affect their personality


If we look at the children in the middle class especially the males


We find that they have a constant incentive to work at a young age in an effort to improve their standard of living


Children in the wealthier class can have a little bit of a treador or a little in action to rely on a family that provides them with safe livelihoods.


But this division is not a general rule.


thirdly the impact of the family on the formation of children’s personalities


Family is the small and first community in a child’s life.


Where he deals with it from a young age and acquires some of his principles that continue with him during different periods of his life


Educational mistakes that parents fall in and negatively affect children’s personalities


There are some mistakes that parents make without the knowledge of them that they will affect the child’s future life.


So let’s discuss some of these mistakes together.


To give parents false promises to the children, so the child learns not to keep his promise to others.


Parents compare the child to another child in the family or a friend which reduces the child’s self-confidence


The father always deals with the child in the form of it and does not leave his son the opportunity to make his decisions


Which makes a child someone who is unable to make his own own decisions.


Parents always deal with the child as a big person and do not take into account his level of mind and limited awareness by age, which makes him a child who is not confident in himself


the father or mother should be a person who is always against the behavior of the child




Children’s characters and ways to deal with them


Character styles vary from child to child.


You can find in one family more than a pattern of the characters of the children in it.


And one child can combine two types of character


the child with a sensitive personality

sensitive personality
sensitive personality

He’s the quietest type, and he’s a kid who tends to be isolated and lonely.


He can’t handle new faces and people quickly, and he doesn’t like to change from place to place.


He’s always afraid to be in the spotlight, and when he talks to him, he tends to gather information about her first and then give his opinion.
He appreciates the feelings of others well and takes a long time to get his jobs done.


The way to deal with sensitive personality


Always make sure you increase his self-confidence and encourage him


When he starts complaining to you, beware that you feel it’s not worth it, because it makes him amplify the problem even more so that he can win your sympathy.


When dealing with it, i always use the words of the henna like us.


When he makes a mistake, be ware of being ripped off by violent words, no matter how much he made the mistake.


Don’t call it shy.


always encourage him to participate in different activities either in the family or in the classroom





The kid with the serious personality.

Serious personality.
Serious personality.

He is a child who shows some serious effects in his attributes he is not inclined to play much like other children and sometimes in some situations he is inflexible in dealing and always tends to order and arrangement and when you put a problem to him you find it more than one opinion and more than a way to solve the problem but sometimes expresses those ways in a sarcastic and contradictory way


The way to deal with a serious child


He’s a very logical and rational person, and he’s always trying to put yourself in his place and think a little bit more than kids.


Get him to share different tasks with you and listen to his opinions and ideas.


He’s a kid who doesn’t tend to be emotional, so when dealing with him or convincing him, he’s more convinced of the mind than passion.


When you ask him for certain tasks, ask them directly or in specific words, and be careful not to mention the negative effect that will occur if this is not done.



The child with the active personality


Active personality
Active personality

he is a child who always cares about his work in a way that may be a little older than a year old and it is very easy for him to make new friends because he is a social child of the first degree a leading personality


It’s the most cooperative in the family.


The way to deal with a child with an active personality


when assigned to tasks try to always assign him to tasks that need to be moved


a child depends on it so you can count on it for some homework


he always needs to be encouraged especially by close people in the family


he always focused on his accomplishments when talking about his personality


he is a child who learns from his mistakes well in any of you from excessive violence when wrong


You can plan his business so he doesn’t cause chaos, especially because he’s a dynamic and energetic character.



a child with a innate or barbaric personality


he is a bold child in general who tends to move a lot and always knows of his constantly dirty clothes and his wounds in the limbs of a lot of movement and falling


And he’s so fast that in a few minutes he can do more than one activity, all of them relying on movement like riding, swimming, running, etc.


causes some trouble for parents because it tends to discover all that is new


you may find him climbing a tree until he recognizes what is above it or climbs long stairs to get to the roof of the house he does not need encouragement to do the work but just needs control of his movement or direct his movement


The way to deal with a child with a innate personality


Don’t restrict his movement, all you have to do is direct his movement and support it in the right direction and useful for his life.


he always tends to be a leader in his field because he is bold, strong and brave



A child who loves lights and sounds.


he is a child always tends to attract the attention of everyone around him fast stories and many stories and stories cope with any environment in which he is and quickly get involved with new people in his life he has no problem at all in making new friends


The way to deal with a child who loves the lights


Make his life always an open theater for him to tell his stories and stories.


Don’t get bored when he tells more than one story or a story


Don’t make fun of his abilities.


Give him more space to do his activities without affecting his academic future.


The child with the negative personality


he’s a kid who doesn’t tend to be proactive in anything that others often describe as indifference


So isolated from those around him, it’s very difficult for him to talk about what he feels.


The way to deal with a child with a negative personality


always ask him to participate directly in different tasks


Don’t push him to express what he feels, but leave him and his personal freedom because it’s really hard for him to talk about what’s inside.


Be careful to compare him to other brothers or family members.


And be careful to punish him violently.


I’m always looking for the real reason behind that negativity.


I suggest some solutions to the problems and wait for you to hear from others


His stubborn personality.


He is a little nervous kid who refuses to carry out orders in a direct way, sometimes his voice is high, the level of rejection increases and the word “no” is repeated.


The way to deal with a child with a stubborn personality.


Don’t treat him stubbornly in exchange for him.


When he talks to you about something that doesn’t repeat a word that doesn’t even answer it with no


He’s been through a lot.


When he’s more stubborn, try to let him calm down a little bit, and then you discuss it quietly.


try to teach him how to control self and manage anger


Be realistic in your orders to him and try to pre-empt this.


Make him feel his value and give him some choices so he can choose from what he does and not feel forced.


When you talk to him, look him in the eye constantly.


Don’t you have too much pampering because too much pampering often results in a stubborn child


When you talk about him, don’t just focus on his negatives, don’t compare him to his sisters or family members so he doesn’t feel jealous.


Ask him for tasks that he can handle, and then praise his achievement of those tasks so that he feels loved among his family.


When he gets angry, let him have time to calm down, and then make some agreements with him so that such behavior doesn’t happen again.


And don’t expect him to meet his deal the first time.


the child with the selfish personality


He’s a kid who’s often hard to make new friends.


He loves himself and trusts himself very remarkably and exaggeratedly.


The way to deal with a child with a selfish personality


one of the most selfish children is born with a lot of pampering because it makes him a child who loves himself in a bigger way


Excessive cruelty and exaggeration is not a solution to the selfish personality so that it does not increase selfishness to make up for the attention he has lost from others.


Trying to boost his self-confidence.


Try to teach him some meanings of giving


and involve him in group games with his friends so he can gain team spirit


You can buy him a pet so he can feel love for him and how love affects those around him.


In conclusion there is no particular personal style of children’s characters misleading and there is no fixed model but it is a god of rahman and the father and mother to discipline those characters to suit the environment and society

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