delete search history from google

Many social networks store different information that the user may search for, as does “Facebook”, and the Google search engine also saves the user’s browsing history everything he searches for on the Internet, in order to provide the best search results that correspond to the desires of each user.

You can delete your search history by following these steps:

  • At first we go to the following link “”, and once entering it, the user will find a new window asking him to sign in with his Google account.

Go to google search history

  • After entering, the user will find a new window open in front of him containing a lot of data related to his browsing history with the history of each search.

Various searches

  • The user enters the gear menu at the top, then clicks on it to show a drop-down list from which he chooses to “remove items”.

Item Removal List

  • The user will notice the opening of a new window to specify the time or extent that he wants to delete the data starting from an hour ago or a past day, or all the history data, so that the data will be deleted according to the user’s desire.

Delete various data

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