Shiva Meditation Technology 63

Shiva Meditation Technology 63

Shiva Meditation Technology 63

The wise Lord Shiva has guardianed all his talismans in many ways and techniques of meditation.
Where he said that meditation is the only way to rise up with the spirit and transcendence and reach enlightenment
112 meditation shiva and al-Hakim Shiva have been documented and will only be rescued exclusively by | in order for everyone to have knowledge and access to gratitude do not hesitate to comment and leave any question to you and I will immediately reply to your brother Mohammed Wahid


When clearly aware of some particular meaning, maintain awareness.

Sutra 63's explanation of Hakim Shiva.

You see through your eyes. Remember, you see through your eyes. Eyes don't see. you see through them. The seer is hidden, the eyes are just a perlote, only the windows. But we go on thinking that we see with the eyes; No one heard before the ears. you hear from the ears, not from the ears. The listener is hidden behind him, the ears are just receptive organs.
I touch you: I give you a touch of love, handclasp. Hand not stuck: I touch you, through the hand. Hand is just a way, so there can be two types of touch – when I really meet you, when I avoid touch. I can touch your hand and avoid touching. I may not be in my hands, perhaps withdrawn. Try this, and you'll have a different, distant feeling. Put your hand on someone and pull yourself. Dead hand there, not you. If the other is sensitive, he will feel a dead hand. He'll be offended. You're a trick you just show you're touching, and you don't touch.
Women are very sensitive about it; They have a greater sensitivity to touch, than the touch of the body, so they know. The husband may be talking beautiful things. He may have brought flowers and might say, "I love you," but his touch will show that he is not there. Women have an instinctive feeling when they are with them and when they are not with them. It's hard to fool them unless you're a master. Unless you are the master yourself, you cannot deceive them. But Mr. Doesn't like to become a husband, that's the difficulty.
Everything you say will be wrong. Children are very sensitive, you can't fool them. You can terrorize them, but they know that this pat is dead. If your hand is not a flowing energy, a loving energy, they know. Then it looks as if something dead has been used. When egy4ever.comuda is in your hand in your total, when you have moved, when your position is at hand, when your soul is there, the touch is of different quality.
These sutras say that the senses are just doors, reception stations, means, tools, receptors. You are hiding behind you "when you look particularly through some of your concept, keep your awareness." While listening to music, don't forget yourself in the ear, don't lose yourself in the ear. remember the consciousness that stashed behind. Be careful! While seeing someone … Try this. You can try it now, looking at me. What is going on? You can look me in the eye, and when I say "with eyes", it means you are not aware that you are hiding behind the eyes. You can look at me through the eyes, and when I say "through the eyes", then the eyes are between you and you. You stand there behind the eyes, looking through the eyes, as if someone is looking through a window or specification.
Have you seen some employees at a bank looking above its specifications? Specs slipped on his nose, it seemed. Just look at this way towards me, as if you were looking over your eyes, as if the eyes were a little ripped on your nose as you stood behind me. Suddenly you will feel a change in quality. Changes your focus. Only the eyes of the doors become. This becomes meditation.
When you hear, just hear through the ears and remain informed of your inner status. When you touch it, just touch it and remember the inner part that is hiding behind it. In any sense, you can have a sense of inner center, and every sensation goes to the inner center. She has a report. So, when you see me and hear me, when you see me through the eyes and you hear me through the ears, deep down you know that you see the same man you hear too.
If I have some body odor, your nose will smell it. Then three different reports indicate one center. That's why you can coordinate. Otherwise it will be difficult: if you see your eyes and hear your ears, it will be difficult to know if you hear the same person you see or two different people, because these two feelings are different and never meet. Your eyes never know about your ears and your ears have not heard of your eyes. They did not know each other, they never met;
So how does everything become artificial? The ears you hear, the eyes you see, the touch of a hand, the smell of the nose, and suddenly somewhere inside you know that this is the same man you hear and see and affect. This learning is different from the senses. Every sensation reports to this informed, and in this informed, in the middle, everything falls, fits and becomes one. This is a miracle.
I'm one, outside of you. I'm one! my body and its physical presence, the smell of my body, my speech, one. It will divide your senses. If you say something, you'll reach your nose if there's some smell. | wish you a happy hope – leave your comments here in | and tell us how you felt while meditating and we'll respond to you and share experiences.

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