Mohamed Salah creates. A new record for the Egyptian king


Mohamed Salah creates. A new record for the Egyptian king


The Egyptian king scored liverpool star Mohamed Salah, his 50th goal with his English team on Wednesday.
Liverpool beat Serbian red star Belgrade by four clean goals in the third round of the Champions League.

Jürgen Klopp’s comment on Mohamed Salah’s goal

The Mirror newspaper reported that Mohamed Salah, known as “Mo Salah”, received special recognition from his coach Jürgen Klopp.
Klopp explained: Salah has rewritten the history books to become the fastest player to reach 50 goals in Anfield history.
The Liverpool manager confirmed that Mohamed Salah would not have achieved this figure had it not been for the help of his teammates.
Klopp called on the British press and media to stop talking about Mohamed Salah and look at the team’s efforts.

Records for Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah not only broke the record by being the fastest player to reach that number of goals during that period.
Mohamed Salah has played 65 games, scoring 50 goals, less than 12 from Albert Stubbins, who achieved that record in 1940.
What’s more exciting is that Mohamed Salah has left a lot of legends behind him such as Ian Rush (87) and Robbie Fowler (94) goals.
In addition to Kenny Dalglish (99), Luis Sores (91), Fernando Torres (84) and Roger Hunt (79) scored.

Liverpool’s Champions League ranking

Mohamed Salah scored twice in the last meeting between his team and The Red Star of Serbia, as did Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane.
It was the first time the fearsome trio had been on the scorers’ list in the same game this season.
With that result, Liverpool took the lead in the Champions League group.

A faint celebration of Mohamed Salah

Despite Salah’s strong performance during the match, grief still swells his face.
According to the description of the British newspaper Mirror, the Egyptian international did not seem to have his goals, and had a faint celebration.
Nevertheless, Klopp insisted that everything was good, and said “Salah is fine. If he wasn’t celebrating, he might have been a little upset about asking him about it.”
“I saw him celebrate, but I couldn’t see his face from that distance.”
“I know he’s fine. I’ve seen his face before and he’s sad.”
“Today looks different.”

Triple scoring (Manny, Firmino, Salah)

During the last game, the Reds’ offensive trio, Firminio, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah scored.
“This is not surprising to me,” said Jurgen Klopp, liverpool’s manager.
“I hope this is not the last time (the three players scored in the same match)! It was a good game.
“They could have finished the situation because we were getting the right moves at the right moment.”
“In the first and second goals, we faced counter-pressure situations and were able to overcome it, which is very good and important.”


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