Mobile phone addiction? Apple's design manager reveals the secret


Mobile phone addiction? Apple’s design manager reveals the secret




“Imoson” is the secret that drives people to addiction to mobile phones and not to contact people

Apple’s design officer Jonathan Ive has revealed his thoughts on mobile phone addiction.
Jonathan Ive, the British designer for iPhone, said the nature of innovation is that you can’t predict all the results.
This came during wired25 conference in the state of San Francisco
“From my experience, there have been sudden consequences for different types of innovation,” he told The Daily Mail.
“Some of those surprises are fantastic, and some are less,” he said.

Mobile phone addiction

Jonathan Ive spoke to wired25 summit about technology, mobile phone addiction.
“First, there were iPhones, and now there’s an addiction to the iPhone,” Yves said.
Yves explained that mobile phone addiction does not mean that | became more connected.
“We’ve done a lot of work not to understand how long you use the device, but how you use it,” Yves said.
Part of Apple’s response to that problem, called Screen Time, was launched as part of the free iOS 12 update for iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch.

New technology to study mobile phone addiction

This technology offers new tools to manage screen time, and allowing users to see it lets you know how often they pick up the phone.
Eve said the key to overcoming addiction in human contact.
He said Apple’s work on emoji and messaging is aimed at “restoring some humanity to the way we communicate.”
As he addressed apple’s team, he said, “I’ve been doing this for a long time.”
“I actually felt responsible not to get confused or add more noise about what’s going on because I know sometimes it doesn’t work,” he said.
He continued that what drove him to work for Apple was the excitement that was the key.
“If you lose this childish excitement, I think it’s time to do something other than design.”
Apple is one of the best and most powerful companies ever engaged in the field of smartphones, both in terms of design and technology.


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